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I haven't been able to embed anything on livejournal for more than a year, so I've been cross-posting everything from dreamwidth. And now I seem to be unable to embed videos on dreamwidth! (I have no idea what's going on, but I think  this time it's youtube that's changed something.)

Since I can't embed the video that made me laugh, here's a link to it on youtube:

Just in case the link above doesn't work - I don't trust anything to work at the moment! - here's the url:

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Someone's taken part of a dubbed episode of Star Trek Voyager and added new subtitles, most of which are pretty funny.

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First, a lovely little video:

Followed by my latest cheezburger front page, which apparently happened while I was out frolicking in the snow yesterday:

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There are a lot of "talking cat" videos around, but I thought this was a particularly good one.

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I stumbled across this by accident last night and it's laugh out loud funny. Sadly, youtube is full of angry comments about this guy's videos from people who don't realise they are satirical and simply do not get the joke. Sometimes I despair.

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I not only wrote this one, I directed it, too, so it's full of beginner's mistakes. (Which I have hopefully learned from. Such as: even though it was not made for a 48 hour challenge, I still felt it necessary to shoot the whole thing in a mad rush in just one day. What was I thinking?)

But the cast (other than me) was great, so my heartfelt thanks to Andy Vine, David Hing and Tammy Sander for their great work both on and off the screen; and also to Brandon Butterworth for doing the photography and all things techie, to Peter Mills for providing some great zombie sound effects, and to Alia Sheikh for the loan of some lighting equipment. 

I've decided to forego the Hollywood red carpet premiere for now and take this one straight to youtube, but maybe next time. . . ;)

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In case you're outside of the U.K., one big news story here over the last couple of days is that of the on-air rant of the Radio 1 morning show DJ, Chris Moyles, complaining that he hadn't been paid for two months. This rant went on for half an hour, eventually leading to such revelations as: he'd been sleeping on a friend's couch, and there wasn't any fresh milk in the Radio 1 fridge. 

Though some heartless souls have downplayed the millionaire DJ's plight, pointing out that when he does get paid, he gets paid more than the Prime Minister (or even the Director General of the BBC!) and can therefore afford to buy his own milk, fortunately the great British public has stepped in to help Moyles in his hour of need. 

You can give a donation to Chris Moyles at:

And of course no charity appeal would be complete without the single:


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Sooo stupid, but it cracked me up. ;)

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Short and self-explanatory. ;)

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I do have a weakness for these things. 

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The first rule of this video is you don't talk about this video. ;)

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This is a parody of the first series, so it's very out-of-date, but it's only a couple of minutes long and worth a view for one particularly good sight gag showing how Hiro stops time.

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Trust me, it's funny.

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Star Trek clips set to "Tik Tok."


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