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2013-01-23 11:09 am

latest new animation: By This Time Tomorrow, You Could Be Dating A Clown

Just something short and silly. ;)

(If you've ever seen one of those late-night television ads for "Uniform Dating," it's a parody of one of those.)

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2012-12-21 01:24 pm

latest new video: Local Earth News Update

 I made this for a Kino London challenge for which I had to make a short film combining the following two elements:

1) The entire world wakes up one morning with squeaky voices, 


2) "Revenge of the Folksinger."

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2012-10-18 12:55 pm

another stab at animation: The Evil Table

I finished this yesterday, and then I had to go and lie down because - after nearly seven weeks of spending every waking moment on this thing! - I'm absolutely exhausted.

Anyway, I made The Evil Table for The Halloween Monster Movie Challenge 2012, for which I had the assigned line of dialogue: "Eat this, you foul vermin scum." The challenge is still going on - I actually finished my entry a couple of weeks before the final deadline (there's apparently still time to enter it yourself if you're so inclined) - so this one could hardly be more "hot off the press."

Hope you enjoy it. ;)

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2012-10-09 12:27 pm

my latest stab at animation: Your Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse

I post very rarely these days because making animations can pretty much eat up every waking moment.

This latest one took me a couple of months to make, and then it took me a few more weeks to put it on youtube because the instant I finished this one, I started working on another (for which I have an impending deadline - eek!) but here it is at long last:

BTW, the new animation I'm working on is for The Halloween Monster Movie Challenge 2012. I have to get my entry to them on DVD by Halloween, so my current plan is to finish the new one within the next couple of weeks, screen it at Kino London on the 23rd of October, and then - hopefully! - post it to youtube (and here) on either the 24th or 25th. And get the DVD in the snail mail post, obviously. ;)

Wish me luck!

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2012-07-26 12:47 pm

my latest attempt at animation

I made this for the Quickflick World competition for three minute films on the theme of: "Heaven and Hell," which also had a technical parameter of - wait for it! - animation.

Though I didn't win (boo-hoo) I have been reliably informed that my entry came in: "a very close second." (Which basically means: I didn't win.) 

But never mind, here it is:

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2012-05-04 11:48 am

My latest new video: How To Get A Flat Stomach Instantly

My latest one, hot off the press (featuring a guest appearance by Sci-Fi Gene's wife, Suzanne Westbury.)

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2012-01-23 02:37 pm

If Dolphins Had Day Jobs

I am not becoming a Dolphin obsessive - honest! - it's just that I happened to have a lot of dolphin pictures left over from my last one.

BTW, this was made in just one day.

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2012-01-14 12:44 pm

my latest video: "Dolphin in a Coma"

This one was made for a challenge in which I had to make a film in one week with the title: "Dolphin in a Coma," and was screened at Kino London on Thursday night as part of the London Short Film Festival.

BTW,  I did the voices of both Trixie and the off-screen newsboy. ;)

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2011-12-28 07:49 pm

A Handy Way to Clear the Fridge After Christmas


My third - and probably final - handy tip for Christmas. ;)

BTW, the refrigerator interior in this video isn't entirely mine. My other half didn't want the world to see what a dirty fridge we have, so I covered the dirty bits over with some pictures of much cleaner refrigerator interiors I found on the internet . ;)

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2011-12-19 06:09 pm
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Careful, or you'll have someone's eye out

My latest, hot off the press (so to speak).

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2010-07-17 03:35 pm
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nifty animation

An animation made by painting on walls - very nifty indeed.

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2010-06-28 11:03 am

parody of "Heroes" back in the days when it was good

This is a parody of the first series, so it's very out-of-date, but it's only a couple of minutes long and worth a view for one particularly good sight gag showing how Hiro stops time.

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2009-12-21 12:53 pm
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"Soupremacy" animated music video

Soupremacy is a wonderful CGI animation by Josh Westbury, aka Sci-Fi Gene, with music by David Novan (who also did the music for, and was a zombie in, Last Zombie Standing). Isn't the world a tiny little place? Well, my world, anyway. ;)

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2009-07-09 01:34 pm

one of my favourite cartoons

It's not recent  (it was made in 1988) and it's hardly unknown (I imagine everyone in the world* has seen this multi-award-winning cartoon at least once), but wot-the-heck, it's brilliant. 

*Okay, maybe I'm exaggerating about everyone in the world having seen it. ;)

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2009-06-16 02:35 pm

we're doomed!

I've seen it all before. 

First this happens: Alien lifeform wakened from 120,000 year Arctic slumber...

...and then this happens. 

Put on your surgical masks now.

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2009-06-08 03:31 pm

finally figured out what I'm doing here

I'm now into my seventh week of posting on livejournal (second week on dreamwidth) and a theme seems to have emerged. 

To put it simply, the theme to have emerged seems to be: "stuff I like...." (Which seems good enough to me, so that's what I'm sticking with... for the moment at least.) 

As themes go, "stuff I like" is pretty broad and will include things both old and new that I find interesting and/or amusing. 

Which gives me a perfect excuse to link to all three of the Charlie the Unicorn films below, even though they've been around a while and have already had millions of views: I like them.  ;)

Charlie the Unicorn:

Charlie the Unicorn 2: 

And last but not least, Charlie the Unicorn 3:

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2009-06-01 03:51 pm

the first test... of Dreamwidth, I mean

My thanks to fastfwd for sending me an invite code for Dreamwidth. (I'm typing this post on Dreamwidth as we speak... so to speak!)

I've ticked all of the boxes to import my previous entries from my livejournal account to Dreamwidth, but it looks like the embedded links didn't survive the journey.

So for my first test, I shall embed a link on my new Dreamwidth page and see if it survives the journey back to livejournal.

For my test link, here's a lovely animated film by Trevor Hardy: