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A dog front page this time. 

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Since yesterday, I've had another dog front page and another cat front page. 

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My latest front page on the loldog site. 

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Woke up today to find I had front pages on a couple of different cheezburger sites (dogs and history). I'm not sure - and I don't have the energy to count right now - but I think one or the other of them might be my 75th front page.

Here's one of 'em:

And t'other one:

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My latest hot dog front page. I really have no idea how many that is now.

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I really have been sparing you from most of my front pages lately (within the last week I've had front pages on the celeb site, the historical site, and even the news site), but I thought I'd let this one through because of the film reference.

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I think this is number 55 (assuming I've counted them right).

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Another of my silly captions has made the front page at I've also had another couple of front pages on the new lolhistory site; I didn't post them here because I'm trying to avoid becoming a lolhistory bore. If you're interested, the two most recent ones (along with the others) can be seen at:

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Okay, maybe I have been getting a few more front pages lately than usual. ;)

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Another of mine made the front page at  last night, but I completely failed to notice it until about half an hour ago, when someone else pointed it out to me. By which time, it had slid way down to the bottom of the page. 

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What an exciting life I have: another of my silly captions has made the hot dog front page.

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Another very tiny triumph, my latest front page at

(BTW, in the event of a hung parliament, the fluff on my carpet is preparing to form a government.)

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Today's front page from BTW, when I captioned this picture more than four months ago, the dreaded piggy flu was still in the news every day and I was being ever so topical. Just so you know. ;)

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Sound the tiny fanfare once again for the most irrelevant triumph in the world. (Subject matter-wise, my last lolcat front page, with its references to The Seventh Seal and The Devil Came to Georgia, would have made a better number thirteen, but this poor little guy over on gets that honour instead.) 

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Hold the presses, another of my stupid captions has made the front page at

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As some of you may already be aware, I've recently fallen into the bad habit of adding silly captions to pictures on the sites.

The day before yesterday, I captioned a couple of pictures which I thought were simply amazing, which quickly resulted in my becoming "cheezfriends" (I know, I know!) with the person who'd uploaded the photos to the site, and my discovery this morning that the pictures are actually stills from a video. 

First, here's the video:

Here's the blog where I found it (it's a cat's blog, of course), and where you can find links to various other sites, including the cat's own youtube channel (every cat should have one!):

And on the off-chance anyone's interested, you can see the captions I added to a couple of the video stills at:


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I just switched on the computer and was surprised to see another of my silly captions on the front page of the loldog site, (But never mind my caption, isn't that dog absolutely gorgeous?)

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I've done enough of these over the last few weeks, I could post one every day for the next couple of months. (Don't worry, I won't. But I do have a certain fondness for this one, even if I did write the caption myself. And note that after my recent problems with the embedding cutting off the bottom of some recent pictures, as a precautionary measure I put the caption across the top this time.)

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Just over one week ago (last Sunday) I finally figured out how to use the lolbuilder thingy on and captioned a photo for the first time. And -- as I may have already mentioned here once or twice ;) -- once I'd figured out how to do it, I did a few more. And then I thought: I'd better stop this, because it's addictive and a waste of time. I didn't do any for a few days, and then yesterday I thought: well, maybe I'll do just one.

So last night I logged onto the site to be greeted with the news that total strangers had been "favoriting" some of my captions (some of them "favoriting" more than one). And even though I think "favoriting" is a terrible word, I must admit I was a little chuffed as I hadn't expected anyone to even notice they were there, let alone select any of them as favourites. 

As far as I can tell, the picture below is the one that's been "favorited" (another terrible word!) the most. Which surprises me as I'd thought the caption was a bit... obvious. But what do I know?

So here's one I wasn't going to inflict upon you, but have finally decided to post on the basis that some other people apparently liked it:


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