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I'd been planning to link to this Fernwood Tonight clip last week (before I got distracted by West Side Story parodies and lolcats), but here it is at last. 
Alas, this is another one of those videos where the embedding has been disabled, so you'll just have to go to the following url to watch it:
But it's worth the trip for a very funny argument about alien abduction between two characters played by Kenneth Mars (who I assume most of you will recognise from The Producers and Young Frankenstein) and Fannie Flagg, the author of Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe

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I've had a request for the "mice in leisure suits" clip of Fernwood Tonight. I had that one lined up for posting later in the week anyway, so why wait? ;)

And why stop there? I've also thrown in another very funny clip, featuring a man from the Fernwood Coroner's office. Once again, enjoy.

Fernwood Tonight, featuring leisure suits for mice:

Fernwood Tonight, "Name That Body" (with a man from the Coroner's office):

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Trundling around the internet, I've recently come across several films and television shows I once thought were hilarious only to find that -- for me, at least -- they haven't stood the test of time and just aren't that funny any more.  

One exception to this is the wonderful Fernwood Tonight (a spoof chat show: "coming to you live from Ferwood, Ohio") which is just as funny now as it was thirty years ago. For a bit of background on the show, you can read this article from TV Guide (July 9-15, 1977). 

I've found several clips on youtube which I'll link to in coming days, but to start with, here is a complete episode of Fernwood Tonight from 1977 (though split into two parts, alas!). Enjoy.

Fernwood Tonight, part one:

Fernwood Tonight, part two:


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