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2012-12-21 01:24 pm

latest new video: Local Earth News Update

 I made this for a Kino London challenge for which I had to make a short film combining the following two elements:

1) The entire world wakes up one morning with squeaky voices, 


2) "Revenge of the Folksinger."

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2012-10-18 12:55 pm

another stab at animation: The Evil Table

I finished this yesterday, and then I had to go and lie down because - after nearly seven weeks of spending every waking moment on this thing! - I'm absolutely exhausted.

Anyway, I made The Evil Table for The Halloween Monster Movie Challenge 2012, for which I had the assigned line of dialogue: "Eat this, you foul vermin scum." The challenge is still going on - I actually finished my entry a couple of weeks before the final deadline (there's apparently still time to enter it yourself if you're so inclined) - so this one could hardly be more "hot off the press."

Hope you enjoy it. ;)

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2012-01-14 12:44 pm

my latest video: "Dolphin in a Coma"

This one was made for a challenge in which I had to make a film in one week with the title: "Dolphin in a Coma," and was screened at Kino London on Thursday night as part of the London Short Film Festival.

BTW,  I did the voices of both Trixie and the off-screen newsboy. ;)

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2011-11-30 11:25 am

latest film: "Laplander 2: The Last Santa"

I was given yet another challenge at the last Kino London screening, to make a film with whatever title they pulled from a hat. And the title the hat produced this time was: "The Last Santa."

So here it is, finished just in time for screening at Kino London tomorrow night (that's Thursday, the 1st of December).

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2011-10-12 11:50 am
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my latest film: When Tickling Goes Wrong, part one

 When Reflection of Love was shown at Kino London last month, they offered me a challenge which I naively accepted: to make a film with the title: "When Tickling Goes Wrong, part one."

This is it: