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I linked to a wonderful episode of You Bet Your Life (hosted by my all-time comedy hero, Groucho Marx) way back in May, so it's probably about time for another one, dontcha think? ;)

One of the contestants in this particular episode (first broadcast in 1956) is the sculptor Yucca Salamunich, who it turns out was far from unknown at the time, as evidenced by this article in the May 11, 1952 issue of the St. Petersburg Times, which describes him as: "... a Hollywood intellectual, a Yugoslavian sculptor and 'free thinker' who's been around movieland 20 years..." and this Time Magazine article from 1947, in which he pontificates on which actresses have the sexiest heads, noting -- among other things -- that: "Passionate women always have long straight noses." Which is nice to know. ;)

Seriously though, google Mr Salamunich's name and you'll get some idea of just how famous he was.

Look out for his entrance about thirteen minutes in, and enjoy.

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I love stupid humour, ergo I must love movie trailer mash-ups. And I do.

There are zillions of the things on teh interwebs* and my cunning plan for the next few days is to link to some of my favourites. By which I mean the ones that make me laugh. 

I've already linked to one trailer for a jolly animated kid's film mixed with the audio track of the trailer for "300" but that particular combination is obviously one that works, as I've just come across another trailer mash-up using exactly the same conceit. And FWIW, I think this version works even better.

Monsters, 300:

And this one has the audio track of a trailer for Fight Club over some clips from The Matrix:

*Yes, I know, I am in danger of turning into a lolcat.

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The title says it all.


P.S. Thanks to the chums of the fictionmags list for bringing the existence of this video to my attention. 

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If Famous Poets Wrote Zombie Haiku:

Really, Really Stupid Zombie Jokes:

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Go on, they're short and they're funny. 

Twitter in Real Life:

Flutter: The New Twitter:

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The trailer for the animated film, Wall-E, matched up with the audio track from the trailer for I Am Legend. 


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They just said on the news that U.K. swine flu cases now number more than 7,000, so here's a public service video demonstrating how to put on your surgical mask:

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Trundling around the internet, I've recently come across several films and television shows I once thought were hilarious only to find that -- for me, at least -- they haven't stood the test of time and just aren't that funny any more.  

One exception to this is the wonderful Fernwood Tonight (a spoof chat show: "coming to you live from Ferwood, Ohio") which is just as funny now as it was thirty years ago. For a bit of background on the show, you can read this article from TV Guide (July 9-15, 1977). 

I've found several clips on youtube which I'll link to in coming days, but to start with, here is a complete episode of Fernwood Tonight from 1977 (though split into two parts, alas!). Enjoy.

Fernwood Tonight, part one:

Fernwood Tonight, part two:

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First off, let me make it clear that I'm very sorry to hear that Michael Jackson died so young, and his family and friends have my sympathy.

But that doesn't stop me from appreciating tasteless humour...

such as this... 

...and this.  

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Bert and Ernie performing "If You Were Gay" from Avenue Q:

Bert & Ernie doing a bit of gangsta rap:

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I admit to being easily amused, but this did make me laugh. And it's only 47 seconds long. (Actually one minute and three seconds, but who's counting?)

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This picture has been around a while, but it's still one of my all-time favourites, so for the benefit of anyone who hasn't seen it before.... 

Funny Pictures
see more Lolcats and funny pictures

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Another item posted from Dreamwidth, just to see how it works:

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I admit I've been going through a bit of a zombie phase recently, but mine is nothing compared to that of a friend (currently studying for her second master's degree) who emailed me this morning to say: "I am actually taking a class on Zombies this semester; seriously - 'The Zombie in Literature and Culture' - for grad-level credit." (And whoever is teaching this course must be going through an even bigger zombie phase than my friend.)

My brainy friend's email prompted me to dig up a couple more examples of zombie-related whimsy, such as this one:

And this one:

And finally, I've just spotted this delicious news item (under the heading of "Wales News"!) on the web site:

Cannes attention for £45 film

A zombie movie made for just £45 by a former Swansea man may be the surprise success of the Cannes Film Festival.

Colin, directed by Marc Price, has already caught the eye of two Japanese film distributors.

Price has no formal training in film-making and said he picked up most of his skills from DVD extras.


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