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Hot off the press in time for Christmas comes my first attempt at a music video.

Topsy Turvy Xmas is written and performed by David Fisher and features a guest appearance by John Cooper Clarke.

I directed the video. (And edited it. And did the animation.) 

And in case it isn't immediately obvious, all of the various elves/band members/Santas are played by David Fisher.

Hope you enjoy it.

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The last few weeks, every time I've seen that Heineken advert, I've thought: "What is that song?" And then I've promptly forgotten about it. 

Until the other day, when I finally got around to googling the bloody thing. It turns out the song on the Heineken advert is "The Golden Age" by The Asteroids Galaxy Tour.

The name of the band alone seemed like reason enough to embed the original music video here.

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In case you're outside of the U.K., one big news story here over the last couple of days is that of the on-air rant of the Radio 1 morning show DJ, Chris Moyles, complaining that he hadn't been paid for two months. This rant went on for half an hour, eventually leading to such revelations as: he'd been sleeping on a friend's couch, and there wasn't any fresh milk in the Radio 1 fridge. 

Though some heartless souls have downplayed the millionaire DJ's plight, pointing out that when he does get paid, he gets paid more than the Prime Minister (or even the Director General of the BBC!) and can therefore afford to buy his own milk, fortunately the great British public has stepped in to help Moyles in his hour of need. 

You can give a donation to Chris Moyles at:

And of course no charity appeal would be complete without the single:


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Star Trek clips set to "Tik Tok."

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It's had a couple of million views,  so I imagine it's been around a while, but I've only just stumbled across it today and FWIW, I think it's delightful. 

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I thought I'd posted this one before, but I can't find it, so it must have been in a parallel universe. Anyway, it's got some laugh-out-loud moments.

BTW, If you don't know what a literal video is, it's a music video in which the vocal track has been re-recorded with new lyrics giving a literal description of what's happening in the video. Geddit? ;)

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Earlier today an American email acquaintance was asking me about High Laurie's career before House, so I pointed him to this video (which I still find funny after all these years) and then I thought I may as well post it here in case anyone else might enjoy seeing it again, too.

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... but you already knew that, didn't you? 

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A literal video is one on which a new audio track has been recorded with new lyrics giving a literal description of the action (and I like them because they're funny). 

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These things always make me laugh, so here is another one.

Love Is A Batttlefield:

*For anyone who doesn't already know, a literal video is a music video on which a new audio track has been recorded, giving a literal description of the action.

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A week too late for this Christmas, but I think it's a lovely little music video: short and much too charming to wait until next December. 

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What better way to round off the Christmas season than with some jolly Lovecraftian carols?

The Most Horrible Time of the Year:

I Saw Mommy Kissing Yog-Sothoh:

And last but not least, Freddy the Red-Brained Migo:


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As far as I can tell, this isn't an official South Park video, just an animation by a fan, but it's pretty good. 

There is no visual to go with this, it's just the audio track with a blank screen, but it's the wonderful Allan Sherman singing The Twelve Gifts of Christmas. And even if most of the "gifts" are terribly outdated now, that song will always be funny. 

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Soupremacy is a wonderful CGI animation by Josh Westbury, aka Sci-Fi Gene, with music by David Novan (who also did the music for, and was a zombie in, Last Zombie Standing). Isn't the world a tiny little place? Well, my world, anyway. ;)

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These things do make me laugh. 

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It's back to the 1960s for me today. Peace and love.

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Not as funny (to me, anyway) as the Meat Loaf video I posted the other day, but still pretty good. 

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It's a little slow to get started, but once the music kicks in it's a scream. (Trust me on this one.)

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Last night, I went to a jazz gig in Chiswick, and one of the bands playing was from Hungary.

Brandon commented that two of the guys in the Hungarian band looked like Bret and Jemaine from Flight of the Conchords -- and they did! -- at which point the person sitting with us admitted that he had never seen Flight of the Conchords (not even on BBC4!) and had no idea who or what we were talking about.

So for the benefit of that person -- this means you, Andy! -- and anyone else who's managed to miss out on Flight of the Conchords,  below are a couple of videos of the Conchords in performance. (Trust me, they're funny.) 

The Humans are Dead:

Bowie's in Space:


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