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I post very rarely these days because making animations can pretty much eat up every waking moment.

This latest one took me a couple of months to make, and then it took me a few more weeks to put it on youtube because the instant I finished this one, I started working on another (for which I have an impending deadline - eek!) but here it is at long last:

BTW, the new animation I'm working on is for The Halloween Monster Movie Challenge 2012. I have to get my entry to them on DVD by Halloween, so my current plan is to finish the new one within the next couple of weeks, screen it at Kino London on the 23rd of October, and then - hopefully! - post it to youtube (and here) on either the 24th or 25th. And get the DVD in the snail mail post, obviously. ;)

Wish me luck!

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For those who haven't noticed my update of an earlier post (with an embedded link to The Dealer's Club), it was shown at the Quickflick London screening on the 8th of June, 2011, where it won the Golden Quickie award. (Which means I've won some free courses and stuff, plus The Dealer's Club will be shown at Quickflick screenings in other countries.)

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This wasn't made for a 48 hour challenge, but it might as well have been. It was shot on my phone in a few hours on Saturday the 7th of May, 2011, in a desperate bid to make the 9th of May deadline for submissions to QuickFlick London on the theme of "Dealer."  

I spent all day Sunday editing it in Final Cut Pro (finally finishing it at eight o'clock this morning) and am once again completely exhausted and wondering why I always do these things in such a hurry. Anyway, here's my latest: written, directed and edited by someone who has absolutely no idea what they're doing.

I'm editing this on the 10th of June, 2011, to add that The Dealer's Club was shown at the Quickflick London screening on the 8th of June... where (guess what?) it won the top prize, The Golden Quickie!

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 I shot this on my phone the other day. The sun was so bright I couldn't see what I was doing, so I just held up my phone, pointed it in the general direction of the undercroft, and basically shot blind, only discovering what - if anything - I'd shot when I got home and was able to watch it on the computer.

I'm going to have to go back sometime when it's a bit more overcast (and I can hopefully see what I'm shooting!) and - if I can overcome my shyness - maybe talk to some of the skateboarders and ask if I can shoot them properly. I think I may be turning into a skater girl. ;)

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I was at the Barbican yesterday, where I happened to spot some ducks casually strolling among the crowd of people enjoying the sun on the Lakeside Terrace. I thought they were kind of cute - the ducks, I mean, not the people! - so I shot a bit of video of them on my phone and edited it in Final Cut Pro. 

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My latest feeble attempt at editing. I shot this in the South Bank undercroft late on a Sunday night (after the skateboarders had all gone home and there was no one around except for one rather forlorn-looking hoodie). 

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A slideshow of photos of the start of the 2010 Gumball Rally in Pall Mall, London. (Basically just some snapshots taken on my old phone as I happened to be passing by, which I've finally edited together, nearly a year later!)

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Not only am I an absolute beginner at editing, I'm the worst kind of beginner who's continually inflicting their early attempts on other people. 

And here's the latest:

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Still struggling to learn Final Cut Pro, largely because I have an idiot for a teacher! ;)

Anyway, here's my latest attempt at gluing some bits and pieces together.

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This one is a complete cheat. Trying to teach myself Final Cut Pro is a bit of a struggle - Brandon says it's because I'm getting old and my short term memory is going (thanks, love!) - but the truth is I've never been the techie type and nothing done on a computer comes naturally to me. (And also I'm getting old, and my short term memory is going.)

Anyway, back to the cheat: the following is just a collection of some not-very-good pics I took on my phone (my previous phone, not my shiny new iphone 4) saved as an iphoto slideshow and then set to some music I got from the same website I used the last time:

My motivation for cheating was that I have such a huge assortment of random clips it's taking me ages just to go through them, let alone try to organise them, and staring at that unfinished mess of raw footage had become so disheartening, I just wanted to get something - anything! - done and dusted quickly. 

And so, in my desperation to get something finished, this is what I did last night:

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Kind of like a big wall-mounted iPad. ;)

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Some guy puts an ipad into a blender. As you do.

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Some guy from The New York Times rabbitting on about Olympic Pictograms. Though I don't necessarily agree with this man's opinions, it's worth watching if you're interested in graphic design.

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As some of you may already be aware, I've recently fallen into the bad habit of adding silly captions to pictures on the sites.

The day before yesterday, I captioned a couple of pictures which I thought were simply amazing, which quickly resulted in my becoming "cheezfriends" (I know, I know!) with the person who'd uploaded the photos to the site, and my discovery this morning that the pictures are actually stills from a video. 

First, here's the video:

Here's the blog where I found it (it's a cat's blog, of course), and where you can find links to various other sites, including the cat's own youtube channel (every cat should have one!):

And on the off-chance anyone's interested, you can see the captions I added to a couple of the video stills at:


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A flying drone remote-controlled by iphone:

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FWIW, one of my top ten fails of this year has been that livejournal seem to have made some changes in the last few months that have rendered it impossible for me to embed anything of a larger size than "teensy" without losing bits off of the bottom, or the right side, or both. One of the reasons I started posting so regularly on livejournal earlier this year was that they made it easy for people like me, who have never had the time or inclination to learn htmlWhich it isn't any more. (The only reason I've recently been able to start embedding pictures and videos again is I discovered that embedding them on dreamwidth first, and then cross-posting them to livejournal, still works. For the moment at least.) 

Okay, I guess that's enough of me going all Grumpy Old Woman on you. For this year, at least. ;)

Happy 2010 everyone!

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Soupremacy is a wonderful CGI animation by Josh Westbury, aka Sci-Fi Gene, with music by David Novan (who also did the music for, and was a zombie in, Last Zombie Standing). Isn't the world a tiny little place? Well, my world, anyway. ;)

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The following Night Gallery segment first broadcast in 1971 is short but sweet and full of Lovecraftian references and in-jokes (ie: note the names of the professor's students).

Professor Peabody's Last Lecture, part one:

part two:

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The following url will whisk you away to a forum page with an embedded link of a rather nifty asteroid strike simulation. (The reason I'm linking to the link rather than embedding the video myself is that the forum page has a translation of the original Japanese narration which once accompanied the video but has since been removed).

A three minute excerpt of Discovery Channel footage on current ideas about how we might avoid  a future asteroid strike. (Alas, you have to sit through an annoying thirty-second advert at the beginning.) 



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