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I was at the Barbican yesterday, where I happened to spot some ducks casually strolling among the crowd of people enjoying the sun on the Lakeside Terrace. I thought they were kind of cute - the ducks, I mean, not the people! - so I shot a bit of video of them on my phone and edited it in Final Cut Pro. 

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Thanks to Dynix for bringing this to my attention. The BBC has come up with an ingeniously addictive way for us all to waste our lives: editing clips from Doctor Who into thirty second trailers.
Though I had never edited video before, I made my first trailer yesterday afternoon, have made two others since, and wouldn't be at all surprised if by this time next week, I'd made a hundred of the blasted things. Good-bye work, good-bye personal relationships, good-bye life -- I have fallen into a black hole of making trailers for Doctor Who. 
Here is the site that will suck you into that bottomless pit from which there is no escape:
Here is the link to the trailer Dynix made, which got this ugly new addiction of mine started:
Here are the three I've made so far:

I'm editing this a couple of hours later. Since posting the above, I've made a fourth (curse you, my damned addiction!):

And Dynix's original post on the subject:


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