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I shot another short film over the weekend - more on that anon - but this is the kind of film I really want to make, full of smashing glass and crashing cars: 

BTW, I have no idea what film this sequence comes from  - the youtube channel where I found it ain't in English! - but looking at it, it's obviously Bollywood.

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I went to see Exit Through the Gift Shop (the Banksy movie) the other week, and I recommend it; it is very funny indeed. I was going to post something about it the next day, but then I got ill, ill, ill - I'm still a bit on the weak and wobbly side - and the last couple of weeks it's been just about all I could do to drag myself to the computer long enough to link to my last couple of hot dog front pages. (The urge to brag will overcome physical infirmity every time.)

Two - and a bit - weeks later than intended, here's the url for the Banksy film (and the trailer, though I don't think it does the film justice; the film is actually much better and laugh out loud funny than the trailer makes it look): 

Now on to the thing to which I am looking forward (as referred to in the subject line). It's Four Lions, the film by Chris Morris which is apparently nearing completion. 

There's a bit about it here. (You'll find the trailer down at the bottom of the page. And while you're there, be sure sure to click on "Pedestrians to be Banned from Cambridge" and "Horizontal Diseases Sweep The Nation.")

I also found the following clip on youtube. Though it's listed as a trailer, it's actually just a scene from the film, and it makes me laugh every time I watch it.

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One Sunday afternoon last November, I went round to Sci-Fi Gene's house, sat in front of a microphone, and read out a couple of paragraphs of text several times, in several different accents, for a voice-over track in his new film, Bast: Secrets of Cat Training, which is currently in post-production. Those of you with an ear for that kind of thing will of course instantly recognise my accent in the clip/trailer below as authentic West Tennemissibama. 

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According to the info box on youtube, this was shot in 30 minutes using only 8 minutes of tape. (Then they spent three weeks adding in the special effects. Which ain't too shabby!)

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Before Neill Blomkamp made District 9, he made a short film (a little over five minutes long... if you don't count the credits) called Alive in Joberg. 

If you haven't seen District 9, you may want to be wary of potential spoilers, though I seriously doubt seeing the short film on which District 9 was based is going to lessen your enjoyment of the feature-length version. If anything, I think it's more likely to enhance it.

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The trouble I have with French and Saunders' film parodies is I can never watch just one. ;)

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Once again I must acknowledge the chums of the fictionmags list for discovering the following -- rather more "literary" than my usual ;) -- short film, in which James Joyce and Samuel Beckett play a game of pitch 'n' putt while waiting for someone who never turns up.

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My lovely friend Steve Balderson, independent film-maker and all round nice guy, has just completed the trailer for his latest film, Stuck! 

Here's the official blurb: 

"STUCK! is director Steve Balderson's homage to film noir women-in-prison films.  Faithfully re-producing the genre with a modern, tongue-in-cheek twist, expect all the  hallmarks of a classic prison movie complete with a wrongly accused heroine, hard boiled dames, diabolical alliances, forbidden love, cat-fighting cuties, a sadistic warden, and corrupt prison guards.
"STUCK! stars Karen Black, Mink Stole, Susan Traylor, Jane Wiedlin, Stacy Cunningham, Starina Johnson and Pleasant Gehman.  It's the story of Daisy, an innocent young woman framed for killing her mother.  Condemned by the press and the public, Daisy is found guilty of murder and sentenced to die by hanging.  This jazzy, finger-snapping, broads-behind-bars film is a throwback to another era, with terse Tennessee Williams-style verbal sparring, non-stop action and enough bad-girl jailhouse hi-jinks to make the audience lose the distinction between good and evil."

Here's the trailer:

And an interview with the wonderful Karen Black:


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Josh Westbury, of the team behind Too Much Too Soon, has links to a couple of my favourite entries in this year's Sci-Fi London 48 hour film challenge. 

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Methinks it's time for another short film made for the Sci-Fi London 48 hour film challenge. (This one, however, was never actually entered into the competition for the reasons explained here. Which is a great shame as I like it a lot.) 
Though the execution is very simple -- just one guy talking straight to camera -- I think it's got a cracking script: bizarre and surreal, with definite echoes of Theatre of the Absurd. (And it's nicely underplayed, too. One thing a lot of people tend to forget is: the more off-the-wall the premise, the straighter you need to play it.)
The film was made by Billy Abbott, who's also on livejournal, and these were his assigned criteria:
Title: XY&Z
Required Prop: a box of 5 ring doughnuts* 
Required Line: "At some point you have to just stop, give it up."

X Y & Z from Billy Abbott on Vimeo.

*"Mmm... doughnuts." (Homer Simpson)
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Woo-hoo! I've been waiting for this one to come up on youtube.

I first met Josh Westbury, aka Sci-Fi Gene, at a screening of this year's Sci-Fi London 48 hour challenge entries. Though we were on opposing teams, we not only didn't get into a fight but "peace broke out" to such an extent that Josh even accompanied Team Deathstar Holiday Chalets to lunch, and has been keeping in touch with all of us since.

(In fact, it was an email from Josh that led to my discovery the other day that I have my own youtube channel. Which came as a surprise -- I honestly had no idea. Of course the first thing I did on discovering this was to favourite all three of the videos in which I was involved, so they can now all be found in one place.)  But I digress. ;) 

Josh's team, Second Foundation, was assigned the following criteria:

Title: Too Much Too Soon
Required Dialogue: "Choose your spot and mark it with an X - it'll still be there on your return"
Required Props: Three passports from three different countries.

And -- despite spending a good part of their allotted 48 hours dodging angry security guards around Canary Wharf -- they managed to produce a film with a lovely sense of fun and some cracking special effects (which you can marvel at below).


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This was made by the same guy who made Star Trek in 47 seconds. (FWIW, this one really cracked me up.)

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My thanks to fastfwd for sending me an invite code for Dreamwidth. (I'm typing this post on Dreamwidth as we speak... so to speak!)

I've ticked all of the boxes to import my previous entries from my livejournal account to Dreamwidth, but it looks like the embedded links didn't survive the journey.

So for my first test, I shall embed a link on my new Dreamwidth page and see if it survives the journey back to livejournal.

For my test link, here's a lovely animated film by Trevor Hardy:


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