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I got an email about this website for the zombie anthology in which one of my stories is being reprinted, along with a request that I post it to any websites or social networks to which I belong, so here's the url:

I should have posted that url here days ago, but I didn't because I've recently been searching for some old Super 8 films I made a long time ago with the idea of getting them transferred onto to DVD, so I can edit them and possibly do something with them at long last.  (I had several of them transferred onto VHS years ago, but the guy who did it made the "artistic decision" - without consulting me -  to fiddle about with the picture quality to make the films look old and grainy. Which I did not want, and which he didn't even do well; the old and grainy effect just made the films look badly photographed. Which is why I'm trying to find the original films again.) After looking in every possible nook and cranny downstairs, it occurred to me to have a look in the loft.

I was rooting around in the loft when I caught a bit of movement in the corner of my eye. It was then I turned my head and saw I was less than a foot away from a huge wasps' nest. 

To make a long story short, it turned out there wasn't just one wasps' nest in the loft, but several. One of those guys in white protective suits came round and sprayed a lot of chemicals, then told me to stay out of the loft for a couple of days because it could in theory take that long for all of them to die, and at the moment there were thousands of them flying around, and they were angry. 

The guy left, and I sat down at my desk - which just happens to be in the room directly below the spot where I'd found the first big nest, and to which there are several cables running from the loft (can you guess where this story is going?) - to type an email. I was in the middle of a sentence when I heard the sound of angry buzzing and felt something brush against my hair. At which point I leapt up and ran from the room, slamming and locking the door behind me, and then stuffing the gap beneath the door with newspaper. 

The result of this is that I've had a few days with no email nor internet of any description.  Which turned out to be such a pleasant experience, I was in no hurry to unlock the room again, and left it an extra day.

But today I finally gave in and opened the door, deleted the unfinished email I'd left in the middle of the screen, and - finding the wasp that had brushed past my ear dead on the windowsill, and no signs of any others - have concluded that it is probably safe to be in here once again.  For the moment, at least. (Here's what the guy from the pest control company told me: with lofts being better insulated these days, he's now getting call-outs for wasps' nests all year round. He said a lot of people find them in the run-up to Christmas - when they go up into the loft to bring down the decorations - and he even had some call-outs for wasps' nests in lofts last January when there was snow on the ground. To which my eloquent reply was something along the lines of: "Eek!")

To change the subject to something less likely to make me run screaming from the room, since I last posted anything here, my latest tiny cheezburger triumphs have included another history front page, two more dog front pages, and one more celebrity front page. 

Rather than inflict the four of them on you, on the off-chance anyone's interested, here once again are the urls for my front pages on various cheezburger sites (the most recent ones will be at the top of the first page of search results for each site):

My front page dogs:

My front page celebs:

My history front pages: 

My one and only (so far, anyway) "news" front page: 

And my only derp front page (and no, I still don't understand what "derp" is actually about):

BTW, with the exception of icanhascheezburger and ihasahotdog, all of the cheezburger sites above add extra titles above the picture which are written by someone in the office, not the person who did the caption. (I only mention this so you'll know that lines such as: "Saint Cosby to the rescue" - I have no idea what that line even refers to! - are not mine.)

And regarding the age-old question: "Which would you rather find in your house: zombies or wasps?" in my opinion there's no contest; I'll take the zombies every time.

Unless they're zombie wasps. 

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My latest zombie film (what I wrote and directed) - May Be Side Effects - for which Tammy Sander and I both donned homemade fat suits, is almost done. I need to tweak a few things, but mostly I'm waiting for a couple of people to get some audio files to me.

In the meanwhile, you can see some behind-the-scenes photos of the shoot at: 

BTW, I'm thinking of using this one as my new profile pic on Facebook. Or maybe this one

I'm editing this about forty-five minutes later. I've just remembered that the last time I referred to something "what I wrote" I got rather sternly corrected by an overseas acquaintance who was very concerned about my bad grammar. So for the benefit of anyone who doesn't live in the U.K., it's a Morecambe and Wise reference. ;)

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As some of you may already be aware, I've recently fallen into the bad habit of adding silly captions to pictures on the sites.

The day before yesterday, I captioned a couple of pictures which I thought were simply amazing, which quickly resulted in my becoming "cheezfriends" (I know, I know!) with the person who'd uploaded the photos to the site, and my discovery this morning that the pictures are actually stills from a video. 

First, here's the video:

Here's the blog where I found it (it's a cat's blog, of course), and where you can find links to various other sites, including the cat's own youtube channel (every cat should have one!):

And on the off-chance anyone's interested, you can see the captions I added to a couple of the video stills at:


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Not funny, just a couple of fabulous videos of Wednesday's solar eclipse over Asia. If you haven't seen these videos I urge you to watch them as some of the pictures are amazing.

No English commentary, just footage of the eclipse as seen in several different Asian countries:

And this one comes from the Chinese National Observatory.

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Thanks to Dynix for bringing this to my attention. The BBC has come up with an ingeniously addictive way for us all to waste our lives: editing clips from Doctor Who into thirty second trailers.
Though I had never edited video before, I made my first trailer yesterday afternoon, have made two others since, and wouldn't be at all surprised if by this time next week, I'd made a hundred of the blasted things. Good-bye work, good-bye personal relationships, good-bye life -- I have fallen into a black hole of making trailers for Doctor Who. 
Here is the site that will suck you into that bottomless pit from which there is no escape:
Here is the link to the trailer Dynix made, which got this ugly new addiction of mine started:
Here are the three I've made so far:

I'm editing this a couple of hours later. Since posting the above, I've made a fourth (curse you, my damned addiction!):

And Dynix's original post on the subject:
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I am amazed to discover the classic -- the original, the best-ever! -- zombie film, Night of the Living Dead, has apparently gone into the public domain and is now widely available on the internet.

I've followed several different links to it on various sites and (based on my admittedly brief and random sampling) the version I've linked to below seems to have the best quality picture and sound. 

Though it's on youtube, the embedding has been disabled, so -- assuming you've got a little over an hour and a half to spare -- here's the url:
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I could spend hours messing around with Henry Tudor's face (it's cheaper than a psychiatrist and just as therapeutic).

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As Harry Hill might say: I like Blade Runner... and I like stupid gags. But which is better?
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Six years without a post, and now here's the second one in a row.

The easily amused may wish to have a look at this image from google maps, showing a man with his head falling off, walking next to an unattached pair of legs:



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