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I not only wrote this one, I directed it, too, so it's full of beginner's mistakes. (Which I have hopefully learned from. Such as: even though it was not made for a 48 hour challenge, I still felt it necessary to shoot the whole thing in a mad rush in just one day. What was I thinking?)

But the cast (other than me) was great, so my heartfelt thanks to Andy Vine, David Hing and Tammy Sander for their great work both on and off the screen; and also to Brandon Butterworth for doing the photography and all things techie, to Peter Mills for providing some great zombie sound effects, and to Alia Sheikh for the loan of some lighting equipment. 

I've decided to forego the Hollywood red carpet premiere for now and take this one straight to youtube, but maybe next time. . . ;)


Mar. 28th, 2010 05:04 pm
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I haven't posted much about zombies lately, but that doesn't mean they aren't ever-present in my thoughts. ;) So here are two little smidgeons of zombie news:

On the off-chance anyone's interested, my story, Living With The Dead, is being reprinted in The Living Dead 2, which is scheduled for publication in November. You can read the blurb and see the table of contents here.

Also, as I've got hundreds of lolcats, loldogs, etc., that I've never posted here, I've put a little series of eight zombie-related ones on my (rarely-used) blog on the Wicked Zombies site. One of them has previously been posted here, but all of the others are either new or previously unseen. The final one of the series - at least for now - is scheduled for posting tomorrow, so if anyone wants to have a look, there's no long-term time commitment involved. ;)

FWIW, the series starts here:

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If Famous Poets Wrote Zombie Haiku:

Really, Really Stupid Zombie Jokes:

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I am amazed to discover the classic -- the original, the best-ever! -- zombie film, Night of the Living Dead, has apparently gone into the public domain and is now widely available on the internet.

I've followed several different links to it on various sites and (based on my admittedly brief and random sampling) the version I've linked to below seems to have the best quality picture and sound. 

Though it's on youtube, the embedding has been disabled, so -- assuming you've got a little over an hour and a half to spare -- here's the url:
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I admit I've been going through a bit of a zombie phase recently, but mine is nothing compared to that of a friend (currently studying for her second master's degree) who emailed me this morning to say: "I am actually taking a class on Zombies this semester; seriously - 'The Zombie in Literature and Culture' - for grad-level credit." (And whoever is teaching this course must be going through an even bigger zombie phase than my friend.)

My brainy friend's email prompted me to dig up a couple more examples of zombie-related whimsy, such as this one:

And this one:

And finally, I've just spotted this delicious news item (under the heading of "Wales News"!) on the web site:

Cannes attention for £45 film

A zombie movie made for just £45 by a former Swansea man may be the surprise success of the Cannes Film Festival.

Colin, directed by Marc Price, has already caught the eye of two Japanese film distributors.

Price has no formal training in film-making and said he picked up most of his skills from DVD extras.


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