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Josh Westbury, of the team behind Too Much Too Soon, has links to a couple of my favourite entries in this year's Sci-Fi London 48 hour film challenge. 

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Methinks it's time for another short film made for the Sci-Fi London 48 hour film challenge. (This one, however, was never actually entered into the competition for the reasons explained here. Which is a great shame as I like it a lot.) 
Though the execution is very simple -- just one guy talking straight to camera -- I think it's got a cracking script: bizarre and surreal, with definite echoes of Theatre of the Absurd. (And it's nicely underplayed, too. One thing a lot of people tend to forget is: the more off-the-wall the premise, the straighter you need to play it.)
The film was made by Billy Abbott, who's also on livejournal, and these were his assigned criteria:
Title: XY&Z
Required Prop: a box of 5 ring doughnuts* 
Required Line: "At some point you have to just stop, give it up."

X Y & Z from Billy Abbott on Vimeo.

*"Mmm... doughnuts." (Homer Simpson)
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Woo-hoo! I've been waiting for this one to come up on youtube.

I first met Josh Westbury, aka Sci-Fi Gene, at a screening of this year's Sci-Fi London 48 hour challenge entries. Though we were on opposing teams, we not only didn't get into a fight but "peace broke out" to such an extent that Josh even accompanied Team Deathstar Holiday Chalets to lunch, and has been keeping in touch with all of us since.

(In fact, it was an email from Josh that led to my discovery the other day that I have my own youtube channel. Which came as a surprise -- I honestly had no idea. Of course the first thing I did on discovering this was to favourite all three of the videos in which I was involved, so they can now all be found in one place.)  But I digress. ;) 

Josh's team, Second Foundation, was assigned the following criteria:

Title: Too Much Too Soon
Required Dialogue: "Choose your spot and mark it with an X - it'll still be there on your return"
Required Props: Three passports from three different countries.

And -- despite spending a good part of their allotted 48 hours dodging angry security guards around Canary Wharf -- they managed to produce a film with a lovely sense of fun and some cracking special effects (which you can marvel at below).



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