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I've had an email asking for more Arkham rescue dogs, so -- before even I get tired of the joke -- here is a final trio of them. (And FWIW, if only I had the space -- and Arkham Pet Rescue actually existed! -- I would happily adopt every single one of them myself.)

Today's featured dogs: 
Toby's owners sadly had to give him up when their house was invaded by squamous horrors. Toby would be well-suited to apartment living as he requires very little exercise; all he wants to do is either huddle in a corner whimpering or drink himself into a stupor.

more Fail Dogs

Pth'thya-l'yi, pictured below with the sailor who found her in the water near Devil's Reef (and committed suicide soon after), is one of the more unusual crossbreeds awaiting re-homing at Arkham Pet Rescue. An excellent swimmer, her ideal home would be near the sea (or at least have a pool). If you're looking for a pet that's lively and affectionate in a completely inappropriate way, then Pth'thya-l'yi could be the gal for you!

more Fail Dogs

And finally, we're sorry to report that Howard the Pug has been returned to kennels for the seventh time in less than a year and is once again awaiting re-homing at Arkham Pet Rescue. (Rescue centre staff would like to remind anyone thinking of adopting Howard of the vital importance of making sure he takes his medication.)

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And that's it for Lovecraftian rescue dogs. Unless somebody tells me they want more. ;)

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Another jolly video from the Innsmouth Tourist Board:

Today's featured dog is Tcho-Tcho. An energetic Toy Poodle/Old Ones cross, this undead bundle of teeth, fur and ichor has not adjusted well to life in kennels and staff at Arkham Pet Rescue are desperate to re-home her with a caring, experienced owner who isn't easily terrified.

FAILdog- i is scary zombie
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"The Shadow Over Innsmouth" as a jolly little musical: 

And Kamog (pictured below) is just one of the many lovable puppies available for re-homing from Arkham Pet Rescue:

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 A sneak preview of next month's: "The Sky At Night." ;)

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This picture has been around a while, but it's still one of my all-time favourites, so for the benefit of anyone who hasn't seen it before.... 

Funny Pictures
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Another item posted from Dreamwidth, just to see how it works:


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